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My philosophy
I believe that your garden belongs to you, and you have an important part to play in deciding what it should become. It should reflect your ideas and lifestyle. I consider my initial role is to listen to what you expect from it, and then to design a garden that meets your ambitions and sits happily in its surroundings. So, there is rarely such a thing as an instant makeover. Gardens evolve over the months and years, and much of the enjoyment of a new garden comes from watching it fill the landscape.
My work
My portfolio includes a range of gardens (and budgets) from a small rock garden for a town house, to more formal projects and the creation of country house gardens. My own garden here at Rustling End Cottage was created from an 'an unkempt field' and is now open under the National Garden Scheme. I'm always happy to chat through a project with you, even if all you need is a couple of hours of consultancy and advice.
How to contact me
Needless to say, I'm often out and about working on my design projects, so the best way to get in touch with me is:
  • email me at juliewise@rustlingend.com

  • by phone: 01438 821509

  • or of course write to me, Julie Wise, at:
        Rustling End Cottage
        Rustling End
        Nr. HITCHIN
        SG4 8TD